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This is one my first blog posts in a long time. I’ve been making music, and reading about music tech, events, and artists, but it was this announcement that blew me away. At NAMM 2017 Korg announced the arrival of Korg Gadget to Mac. I am so excited about this. Part of this is that I’ve been revisiting tracks I created in the last 3-4 years and want to finish them up (some of which were started on iPad), and partly this is because my iPad died. And I’ve been without the lovely and inspirational Korg Gadget app for many months.

I’ve used Korg Gadget on about 5-6 demo tracks and a few of the instruments formed the bed of my track “You Lift Me Up.” One amazing feature that I’ve appreciated is the ability to export songs as separate audio tracks for import into Ableton Live (on export an Ableton Live file is created to accompany the WAVs).

Of course the Mac app has no firm arrival date, but this is still something to look forward to for early 2017.

If you’ve never tried Korg Gadget and you own an iOS device, you should try the light (LE) version available at iTunes.

The article at Create Digital Music helps explain why this is so exciting for electronic music makers.

“You Lift Me Up” was started in the iOS app Korg Gadget and finished in Ableton Live.