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_DSC0195_Mikooshka_aka_MIke_SimpsonMikooshka, aka Mike Simpson, is a musician and designer from Toronto, Canada.

He’s been making music since the early 90s and specializing in electronic music since the 2000s. Ranging from chilled out downtempo to electronic rock, Mikooshka brings a variety of styles.

Mikooshka is releasing an EP in 2016 that will feature the tracks “You Life Me Up” and “Streets are for People.” YLMU is a solo jam while SAFP features the piano of Jeff Simpson and the vocals of Dedlaw (both from Toronto).

Believing strongly in the expression “it’s not the toys it’s the noise” – Mikooshka works with a variety of tools, formats and contributors.

Since 2003, Mikooshka has collaborated with a range of artists: Paul Schedlich (singer, guitarist), Dedlaw (singer, producer), Grey Coyote (singer, writer), Jeff Simpson (pianist, composer), Ulysses Castellenos (spoken word, performance artist), Rise Ashen (producer, remixer), and John T. Davis (jazz/blues pianist). He’d like to thank John Hajdu and Jay McGroarty for assistance with recording vocals for the upcoming “You Lift Me Up / Streets are for People” EP.


“It’s not the toys – it’s the noise!”

Proud to have started all this with sample-based tracks made with Fruity Loops and Acid! Thanks Moss Beatz for the inspiration, and all my previous bandmates, including Jim Marchment, Paula Gonzalez, Dan McAlpine and Paul Schedlich.

Partial gear list:

PCs: Mac/Windows computers
Mobile: iOS and Android devices
Software: Ableton Live, Logic, Korg Gadget
Hardware: Korg MicroKontrol, Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

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