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Korg MicroKONTROL with flight case

Asking $180 OBO

This is a super fun keyboard controller in a compact format. It’s great for musical sketching and live performance. I’m selling it with this sturdy flight case. The MicroKONTROL offers three octaves of mini velocity-sensitive keys, eight control sliders with matching rotary controls and small LCD displays, a combined modulation/pitch bend joystick, and a square of 16 velocity-sensitive drum or note trigger-pads doubling as selectors for new setups, edit functions, sequencer Play/Stop/Record, and more.

Interested? Contact Mike at [email protected]

This MicroKONTROL is in excellent condition (light studio use only, no gigging or travel). The flight case ensures the Korg will stay in premium condition.


Overview / Features:

  • solid metal body, stylish, funky colored lights

  • compact and portable (optional battery power)

  • midi interface (through USB to computer and conventional midi in and out)

  • 37 velocity sensitive keys

  • a wide variety of encoders, sliders, and pads

  • joystick controller (pitch bend and modulation or assignable to other effects)

Compatible with all midi hardware and software. Excellent tool for composition and performance with Ableton Live.

Can be used as a midi in and out device between midi hardware or keyboard and computer.

Powered by batteries, USB cable or 9V AC adapter (adapter included).

The case is very sturdy and just slightly oversize. To ensure the Korg doesn’t move around I add USB cables and some other small filler to the gaps.

For a thorough description of these and more features I suggest you visit:–KORMKONTROL

Note: this is a midi device – it does not have any built-in sounds.

Interested? Contact Mike at [email protected]