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Mikooshka is a musician-producer from Toronto, Canada.

In summer 2016, Mikooshka will release “Streets are for People,” an EP that features tracks “Alright Kids / The Night Kids,” “You Lift Me Up” and “Streets are for People.”

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Hey everyone! In 2015 I released my newest video. Check it out and be sure to look at the Streets are for People Project page.

Thanks for watching/listening!


My album “Construct Deconstruct Reconstruct” (aka “CDR”) is now available on Bandcamp. It’s free / pay what you can. There are six awesome tunes. Check them out here!

Previews of new tracks – for summer 2016 4-song EP


“You Lift Me Up”

Lead track from forthcoming EP – crank it my friends!


“Streets are for People”

This is a preview of a tune that will released with a video during late summer 2015. Genre: Electronic Rock, Breaks, Drum’n’Bass



Alternate Mix – “Streets are for People”

This is an alternate approach to this tune – until recently I was considering using something like this for the video. Genre: Electronic Rock, Dubstep, Breaks, Drum’n’Bass